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So three weeks ago I was laid up with a cold and decided to go hunting for episodes of Rocko's Modern Life. I found them, but in the process I rediscovered two old favorites from the days of my childhood and early teen years: Hey Arnold and Doug.

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The "nostalgia filter" trope is brought up a lot when discussing the shows of your childhood. Sometimes you look back on the stuff you used to watch and think "wow, this is stupid, what the hell was I thinking" and it's clear you've outgrown it. There are shows you look back on and think "yeah, it was stupid but I loved it anyway". And the ones you loved as a kid but just wouldn't be able to "get" as an adult.

And then there are the shows that you see again for the first time and realize they haven't lost their charm even if you've grown older. For me, Doug and Hey Arnold! are spot-on examples of this type of nostalgic show. The former is far from perfect, but it's got its charm. And the latter is just plain amazing.

(I'll do a separate post about Rocko soon. XD)


rugratsfrankie on YouTube. Has a scattering of Hey Arnold!, Doug, Rocko, and assorted other Nicktoon episodes. (Except for Ren&Stimpy)

ArnoldPhilShortman on YouTube. Every episode of Hey Arnold! to date. The first and second season eps are shown flipped backwards, though, most likely to get around copyright issues.


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