Oct. 11th, 2009 01:39 am
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In this journal, I will talk about my historical journey with fandom. From the days of making up stories about Disney characters hugging and chasing robbers in my head to my discovery of anime to my current interests.

I'll also be comparing then to now. How my writing's improved since my first fanfics, the evolution of my general attitude towards fandom and shipping, the fact that I've had a weak spot for hurt/comfort since I was a little kid, that kind of thing.

Occasionally, I'll do a review of a show, a movie, a book or a game that I feel influenced me in a big way. I'll also discuss fictional crushes and idols...to a certain extent. I'm brave enough to admit that yes, I had a crush on Brock and wished I could be his girlfriend when I was 16, but you won't be subjected to an account of my most lurid fantasies about him doing me. :P

These entries will also likely get pretty personal, but I'll take care not to go the route of bleeding my innermost soul all over the internet like it was my therapist. This is the opposite of my personal LJ: it's about fandom first and me second.

Aaand that's about it. I'll probably make an FAQ at some point or a master list of every fandom I've ever been in for reference...and then I'll start planning some posts!


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