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10. "The Return of Chef" (South Park). Comedy Central played that one yesterday, actually. God, the whole episode is still so goddamned powerful. This is actually tied with "Kenny Dies". I dunno what it says about me that fucking SOUTH PARK can make me bawl.

9. Zuko and Iroh's reunion in part 2 of the finale (Avatar). They played that one tonight! It never fails, the minute Zuko opens his mouth in that scene I tear up.

8. Ephraim vs. Lyon (Fire Emblem 8). Lyon's interactions with Eirika are sad, too, but it's the kind of character Ephraim is that ranks their scenes a little higher. Calm, collected warrior LOSING IT when he faces his friend...the fact that he can't even cry about it makes it that much more heartbreaking. And the "smile for me like you used to" in the final battle, AAAAAH ;_;

7. The death of Chet Hunter, or rather, the doctor's announcement of it (Boy Meets World). Even worse because when I first saw the episode, I hoped and actually thought Chet was gonna survive and he and Shawn and Jack would be a family again.

6. Hector's discovery of Uther's death (Fire Emblem 7). The lack of emotional outburst just makes this scene, and the followup conversations with the Ostians and Eliwood just make it WORSE. T_T

5. The whole "Cathedrals" sequence in the season finale of Everwood. Just...guh, even without reading the spoilers the whole thing is just a dead giveaway that something's gonna go wrong.

4. Will admits the drugs Carlton took were his, then breaks down crying from the guilt (Fresh Prince). I actually don't even watch this show anymore, just lost its appeal to me as I got older. But every time this episode pops up and I watch that scene, I cry.

3. The ending monologue of the first generation (FE4). AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ;_;

2. The "The Time Has Come" sequence in "Pikachu's Goodbye". The song, the sparkling stream of tears, the flashbacks...and of course, the happy ending is even more of a tearjerker because of the sheer heartwarming factor.

1. "I love you all. Class dismissed." (Boy Meets World again) Best way to end a series.

1. "APPA ATE MOMO!" "Get outta the bison's mouth, Sokka." (Avatar). That whole exchange, Sokka is just plain hilarious and Zuko's calm just adds to the funny.

2. "You guys, Mr. Garrison has titties." (South Park). The sheer deadpan realization and surprise there just does it for me.

3. "Cool Hwip." (Family Guy). OH STEWIE~ You may be overrated and get too much screen time, but I love you for it because you are so goddamned funny.

4. "It looks like A GREAT BIG LION!" [...] "Okay, who shaved the dog?" (Boy Meets World). From when Shawn gets a pig and has to dodge the Animal Control people. I still laugh myself stupid over this whole exchange.

5. "See? Fun!" (Avatar). Oh Katara ♥ You may not be as funny and jokey as your brother, but you still make ME laugh. And Momo, always a hit!

6. "Uhhh, Beavis is bleeding." (Beavis and Butt-Head). My favorite B&B episode, my friend and I used to act it out for kicks.

7. "Why don't you ever show anyone the real you, Bev?" "Well, now, that wouldn't be much fun, would it?" (Roseanne). Bev sheds her shrill harpy motherly ways to enjoy a beer and a cigar with Fred during the tag for a later episode. I wish that had actually been canon, lol.

8. "Just the wind? IT'S NEVER JUST THE WIND!" (Full House). I don't like this show very much anymore, but that line still makes me giggle.

9. "Bug-swallow, bug-swallow!" (Homestar Runner). This coupled with Caleb Rentpayer makes it remain one of my favorite H*R toons ever.

10. "I can stop showering!" (Homestar Runner; Teen Girl Squad). Never gets old!

11. Cartman vs. Bin Laden. (South Park). A dangerous terrorist is reduced to a bumbling moron and Cartman gets to actually be awesome and kick ass instead of just a sadistic sociopath.

12. Sideshow Bob vs. the rakes (The Simpsons) I actually watched that episode tonight! Such a classic, poor Bob. And I like that they revisit that in a later episode. "Rakes, my archenemy!" "I thought I was your archenemy." "I have a life outside of you, Bart."

13. "Don't get cocky with me, I was once known as the ball-licker from hell!" (Excel Saga). Cracked me the fuck up the first time I saw it.

14. The Nostalgia Chick weaponizes "Big Lipped Alligator Moment" (That Guy with the Glasses). Pure genius!

15. "Stupid Sexy Flanders!" (The Simpsons). Timeless classic!
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